Zeyde’s Garden 2017

Each year we plant a garden to grow our own food and share with our neighbors. We have dubbed it “Zeyde’s Garden”, and throughout the growing ┬áseason we post pictures of Zeyde (the lion puppet) in the garden for all our members to see; especially the kinder (children).

Zeyde in the Garden

Why is this important, or even worth posting about?

We want people to realize that one can make a connection to HaShem doing even the most mundane activities; such as raking and weeding a garden. Being in the garden working gives one time to reflect on how amazing the world HaShem gave us truly is! As we watch life spring and develop out of the ground, we can marvel at HaShem’s plan and the order and structure of the world, and the universe.

Start of the Garden 2017

The Whole Garden – Half Planted.

So, as Zeyde would say “Get your tails out into the garden!”

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