Prayer for the Family of the Recently Departed

My sister-in-law’s mother just passed away this week. I thought it would be a good time to post this for her and for others who have had people close to them pass.

Prayer for the Family of the Recently Departed
By: Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim – 16 Heshvan 5768

Master of the Universe be praised. You wrote our names in the Book of Life when You laid the foundations of the world. Nothing is hidden from Your sight. A leaf does not fall, nor a bird sing, that You are not aware; and the times and conditions of our lives are known only to You.

Our Father our King, to You our lives pass like a breath, and You have allotted to us three-score and ten years on this Earth. Should we surpass this, we consider ourselves fortunate. If we are able to retain our heath, we consider ourselves blessed. Should this time be reduced for those whom we care greatly for, we are unable to comprehend a rational meaning.

We ask for Your understanding as we pose the questions that cloud our minds as we ponder Your decree. Look upon us with compassion when our anxiety drives us to question Your infinite plan and wisdom. And, comfort us when we cry out to You “Why?” in our desperation, sorrow and heartache.

King of the Universe, remember us in the coming days. Open our eyes to the wonders of life and the world around us, so that we may not descend into the darkness of our own grief. Give us the strength that we shall need to support family and friends through difficult days. Remind us that, if the time of life draws to a close, it is not and end, but a beginning.

Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, the one true Judge.

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