The Waxing and Waning Moon

I was looking at moon this evening and thinking about how the sages tell us how the moon is like the Children of Israel; we wax and we wane in our observance. As we are drawn more to observance we wax, or increase in the light we reflect to the world. When we move from observance we wane, or diminish the light we reflect to the world.

Then I got to thinking that the moon also reflects the world as a whole. When the world is more ethical it waxes, but as it becomes more morally bankrupt it wanes.

It is said that Moshiach will be revealed on the new moon, after the world has descended into complete darkness and even the light of the Children of Israel will only be as the stars on a moonless night. The world is waning, the light is diminishing, and it is quickly moving to the moonless state. But when Moshaich comes, the moon, like the Children of Israel will increase in size and brightness until it returns to its original state. Then the world will become like the full moon, no longer waxing or waning.

Moshiach Now!

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